Life would be rather boring if we only stuck to just one thing in bed



Want to push the boundaries? I do enjoy fantasies and role playing too. Focusing in pleasure as primer objective rather than pain, a mild form of dominance mixed with pleasurable sexual sense.

Fantasy gives you an outlet for all of the wild, lustful things that you’ve always wanted to do. Do you have a particular kink you wish to explore? Let me know, I can make it a reality. Having sexual fantasies is an absolutely normal, if not necessary, part of being a healthy sexual being.

In fact, a rich fantasy life can lead to better sex. Check out some of the mentioned scenarios. Don’t see your own fantasy here and believe it should be? Let me know! And remember, these are fantasies; women are allowed to dream, too.




Let’s get kinky

We can be friendly, or something more mysterious perhaps? Possibly your special occasion may be a little (or a lot?) different from every other day. Perhaps you’re in charge all day? For this one night you would like a man to be in control. Oh, if I may remind you of the need for a rapport, that trust I was talking about for your sake. Especially if you feel the need to be constrained, tied, blindfolded perhaps? You are unable to do what every urge will soon be screaming inside you to express. Perhaps these urges happen despite, or because of, the restraints. You lie on a bed totally at my mercy, who knows which way up you will be?

You may want to feel as though there is more than one man with you without all the problems of organizing that (toy time). Perhaps you may want to be a dominant woman commanding a man to obey your demands. You may want to be lightly beaten, beg for mercy for which there will be none! (cut off word agreed prior). You may feel the need for warmth and secure embrace leading to a mental (at least) garden of colour, a world away. However you would like to prolong and achieve your sexual high your wish, once more, is my command.

  • Do you have something special in mind for your man? Does he want to watch you with me? Would you like to show him what you can be like sexually, what you like, what you are capable of and how you want to be treated? Just need someone to demonstrate on? If this is your thing as a couple it is very easy to arrange and something I would do for you.
  • How about a special threesome? Double bookings involve me and a female escort where genuine affection is given. You may watch us play, or include yourself for a very special erotic scenario of which you have never experienced. Just tell us what you enjoy and we will setup your ultimate fantasy threesome. Just think of it, two gorgeous beings running their hands, lips and bodies all over yours. Spoil yourself in the most delicious way.
  • Let me know of what you would really, really like. I am here to help you fulfill a fantasy or more.





One Hour$400
Two Hours$800
Four Hours$1200
The complete Night 12H$3000


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