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No woman gets an orgasm from shining the kitchen floor.  ― Betty Friedan

Sexual pleasure is by far the ultimate satisfaction expressed through all of our deepest desires and wants, uttered through words or touches with the person we’re sharing that glorious experience with. And every touch of flesh is another challenge; every new breath is an exciting vision of what might happen next. The expectation, the thrill, the anticipation – every single feeling is so intense that it’s almost palpable and a woman – no matter her age or previous sexual experience – is awakened bits by bits with every new thrust.  And – in all truth – sexual pleasure must be one of the most honest, inherently right things to feel with no regret or shame.

Women and sex

Sexually awakened for centuries and beyond, women everywhere have always understood the importance and magnitude of sex; unfortunately, the alpha-dominated world has rarely ever understood, appreciated or fulfilled women’s needs which lead them to feeling dissatisfied and disappointed. After all, women aren’t supposed to be sexual beings, right? Wrong! The right man knows how passionate, exciting, thrilling, phenomenal women can be – between the sheets or elsewhere. He is offering domination while staying gentle, he never stops until she finishes. It’s the type of man all women want – the one focusing on her pleasure.

The 21st century has brought about a particular liberation of sexual freedoms and sex acts which made women everywhere jump for joy. Finally – they started living for their own (sexual) pleasure and they are absolutely determined to go out and get it. Even if it’s paid (and that’s okay).

The ethics behind gigolo love

 While we’re very accustomed to hearing men have indulged all kinds of sexual pleasures and fantasies with escorts, women are still judged for doing just the same with male escorts. Luckily, they’ve learned to put their desires first and go for whatever makes them orgasm, so gigolos come as a natural flow of things. After all, why wouldn’t you go to a guy who hits your g spot every single time?

Age, targets and benefits

Women of all ages are known to hire gigolos, some of them very often and publicly. While there are women who keep their gigolos right where they can see them – in between their legs, others love to show them off (which is absolutely fine). Usually, they’ll refer to them as “boyfriends” and – in the escort world – virtually all is possible as long as parties discuss rates and agree on them.

The most common group of women to hire gigolos are single moms, widows, successful businesswomen, single ladies in their 40s + or divorcees; the women paying for pleasure either don’t have the time to go out and browse through prospective dates, have been disappointed in love (but still care for their hormonal balance), have way too complicated family situations to go on dates or are prevented by any other of the potential reasons from building a relationship with someone. These women also understand that the affection they are getting is paid and everyone is okay with the no-strings-attached drill. Unlike the uncomfortable “I just want sex” conversations that take place in “real life” dating world, with gigolos – it’s all dignified. No one’s mentioning tricky subjects, rather – everyone is focusing on pleasure.

Benefits of hiring a gigolo are many; from phenomenal sex, much defined boundaries, on-call satisfaction and dignified relationships with no ugly breakups or uncomfortable silences to the thrilling excitement of the entire experience, being with an escort will all be a happy ending. And, guess what? Anything and everything is possible. From fetish play to trying out your adult store items, your gigolo will know just the right way about it.

Hiring an escort is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself, at least once in a lifetime. Do it, with no hesitation whatsoever.

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