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The concept of male escorting

Written By  Manny de Chaperone
Having read plenty of articles on male escorting concepts from various websites and magazines and having carried out on my own in-depth research, it became clear that substantial number of women misinterpret the whole concept. This is because they automatically assign male escorting to paid sex. And paying for sex is thought of being somewhat dirty, desperate and degrading. A girl that would pay for sex is considered to be too lazy to put in the effort and have a real relationship and is pitted. 
Dealing with the stigma
They label a  male escort as someone who is solely interested in money, has no real interest in a client and performs his role based on fake emotions. They say it cannot be much of an ego booster, as a male escort is only there with you because you paid him and not because he wants to. The assumption there is no romance, there no sincere gestures, it’s a job, it’s the routine male escorts do to keep you coming back, just like the other women who want someone to pay attention to them. Or the argument that with all the modern forms of finding a guy (online dating, online chat) or meeting a person in a random bar, through mates, through all the avenues that there is – there’s loads of other ways of finding a guy that you didn’t have to pay to be with you.
What is male escorting really about?
 Is there any truth in the above? The truth is that most of the criticism comes from non-single women and from those who never experienced a date with a pro male escort. Please note, that by referring to a pro male escort, I do refer to an attractive gentleman who specializes in escorting modern women or couples, who does this job for a living and not for his ego. So if you are prepared to keep an open mind – you will see a different picture. I do like to clarify that in reality there are only limited number of true professional male escorts per major city. These men love their profession.
Why an escort?
Most often, women who lead a busy life simply want to have a fun night out: hang out with, be romanced, have a meal with, perhaps have intimacy with, but without having to be linked with a man or committed to man in any way. In this respect, male escort services become very convenient where the boundaries are clear. It doesn’t make a girl lazy at all, and paying someone for such services removes all the complications of leading people on, playing games, etc. It makes more sense to pay a clean guy for one-night-stand, then troubling around someone who won’t give you what you want immediately and fulfill your expectations.
Hiring a gigolo
Hiring a man for a date can also feel quite empowering and naughty. Male escorting is a professional service, not something you get in everyday life, so it is a paid service, like anything else. If you have emotional problems and need help, you don’t go meet a random guy at the pub and let it all out on him, hoping that he will help you. You go to a trained professional, a psychiatrist to talk and you pay him. Similarly if you want a massage, you don’t find a random guy, get friendly with him and ask for a massage. He has had professional training and can give a far greater massage with no awkwardness than any random guy, so it’s a paid service. This is no difference. People need to remove the stigma about “sex” from this, and see it as just another experience that any woman is perfectly entitled to want, and should in no way feel guilty for wanting that.