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Frequently Asked Questions:

“Why hire a male escort?”

You could pick a man in a club hoping for the best. That’s all very well but not why you’re reading this. Instead of the drunken fling that may cause you some regrets or frustration you get something special instead. You have your wishes, your desires. They are important to you, that’s why you are reading this. Spontaneity is all very well but you cannot leave everything to chance all the time. You may feel the need for a break from whatever routine you need to escape, at least temporarily; that is why you are reading this.

“What kind of women do you see?”

I enjoy all women, as long as they are polite and can laugh as much as I do! Passion and a sense of adventure are excellent qualities, but these tend to be contagious, so if those aren’t your inherent qualities, I have enough that mine will rub off on you. 🙂 I have to admit that I do have a weak spot for older ladies. Having said, every woman has something special about her, and I intend to enjoy every moment with you.

“Why do you prefer mature clients?”

The best experience occurs when there is a connection, not only physical but intellectually and isn’t the largest attraction organ the human brain? I have found that I have more in common with individuals in the 35+ age bracket

What to expect

“What can I expect on a date with you?”

Demure and elegant in public; excitingly erotic in private. Highly imaginative, I like exploring the multiple facets of eroticism. Romantic and sensual, I master the art of pleasing  a woman. I cherish a caring relationship which will enable you to forget your worries at least while we are together. I will be your sensual fleeting delight that could also become your long-term secret affair. Carnal pleasures without the entanglements… It really does not get any better! Let’s enjoy together the fun of frivolous games and lust. I would like to be that special woman who will bring a fantastic bliss-filled experience into your life and make you come back for more, and more, and more… you get the idea:)

“What are your turn-ons?”

I love a sense of humor, kindness, politeness, excellent hygiene, and the ability to enjoy oneself.

“What are your turn-offs?”

Meanness, surliness, bad hygiene and of course time wasters. Text messages or phone calls from males. Or wannabe male escorts who like to copy my style of advertising or steal content of my websites.

Privacy & More

“Are you discreet?”

Your and my privacy is paramount. Discretion is an integral part of our experience. As a professional man outside the lifestyle I understand the importance of discretion and as a indeed private companion I value highly my own privacy and yours. I am ever so mindful of separating my special encounters and personal lives. I have the greatest respect for my Special Friend and I offer you the same courtesy. What occurs between us stays between us. In fact, I am very well known for my absolute discretion at all times.

“Why are your pictures blurred?”

This is as much for your protection as mine in that our engagement will have less chance of being compromised if people do not recognize me. Also, my face is hidden and blurred because I’m a very private person. I have a life outside of this and I protect my privacy as much as I will protect yours. I won’t send you pictures for this very reason. That being said, when you meet me you won’t be disappointed. I used to be a fashion model!

“Does health matters to you?”

I do have regular medical tests to ensure I am disease-free. Please do not make a booking if you suspect or if you suffer from an STD or an infectious disease, including if you are suffering from a cold.

“How will you be dressed when we meet?”

In a scary clown suit 🙂 I will be dressed appropriately for the occasion whether it be business or casual but always elegant.

“Do you have any reviews of your time with other ladies that I may read?”

Certainly! Please check my reviews on my main website perthgigolo.com


“What makes you so special and your rates are rigid and not up for discussion?”

I am not for everyone but rather someone special for a selected few. I am considered to be an above average man in more than one way, and therefore believe the compensation requested is quite reasonable for the level of quality provided. A courtesan only on part-time bases, and yes, I really have a profession outside what I call my alternative lifestyle.With me you can count on humor, wit, intelligent conversation, passion, affection, kindness, consideration, respect, and a take on life which you may not find in people with lower standards or less ambition. I am up to date with most current affairs and I can push conversation to impressive levels should you choose to test me. Now you tell me please, should all of this of me which is invested in our dates together go unrewarded? BTW, I intentionally did not share my more desecrate talent


Please, have the donation ( in cash) ready at the beginning of our date and place it on the desk if we date at mine or by the basin in the bathroom if we date at your upscale hotel. If we are meeting in a public place, I suggest you have the donation ready, in an envelope  to keep that site of the date private.

A bank deposit to a nominated account in advance if you want me to travel interstate. I prefer to complete the business quickly, and tidily, then the evening may commence.


I understand that life sometimes throws us curve balls and we cannot always plan in advance, however I request that you consider any cancellations very seriously. I respect your time by being available when you need me; please respect my time by following through on your plans whenever possible, and keeping me informed of possible changes.

Being a male escort

“Why have I chosen this profession? “

Simply put, I adore women. I am a dedicated romantic, and am committed to your pleasure and happiness when we are together. I am the loyal and attentive companion you desire when you need me, and conveniently absent when you don’t. On our engagements the only people who will know of our arrangement is you and I.

“What do you like best about being a high class companion?”

Everything! The opportunity to be independent, I enjoy to getting to know new people and creating close friendships. I also like to discuss and listen to different opinions & ideas. It pleases me to know that my company and my time can make other people happy and can enrich me as a person. I make you the center of my attention.

I truly am very fortunate for the opportunities I had and the opportunities I am having.




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