Feeling shy?

Being in this industry for many years, I still often feel excited and a little nervous when meeting someone for the first time. It’s very normal if you feel like I do before meeting me or even contacting me. I want you to know that these feelings are normal, especially when you are considering experiencing a meeting such as this for the first time. We are, after all, human.

I have often been told that I am very relaxing to be around and I assure you that I am very gifted when it comes to putting you at ease. Some clients prefer to meet for dinner or drinks to get to know each better a little better. You can rest assure that I am always a gentleman in public and will never do anything to embarrass you or allude to the fact that I am a companion. As far as anyone will know is that you are with a nice good looking bloke and you never know, you might get a few glances from women wishing they were you!

You may think to yourself that you aren’t a model, so why would he even want to be seen with me. In my opinion, it’s not the outside that makes people attractive. Sure, someone may be fun to look at but talking to them is another story. The better the personality, the better looking, hands down, no contest. Some of the most physically beautiful people in the world are extremely ugly to due to their attitude. It’s like they never learned common courtesy, respect, or how to treat others like they would like to be treated just because they are good looking

I love being a companion and one of the reasons I excel at it is because I can relate to you as a person. .

Intimacy is best when simmered and then brought to a boil wouldn’t you agree?

Life is about simple pleasures, good food, good drink, good company, and lots of mischievous fun so if you are looking for someone to keep you company while visiting Perth, or if you would like to spice up your business trip by whisking me away as your personal travel companion I look forward to hearing from you! 

If you still have doubts, I encourage you to read the rest of my web page to get a better sense of who I am as well as the your male escort page. I think you will find that I am very down to earth and have a sense of humour. At least you can have a giggle while reading it. I wish you all the best and hope you do find what you are looking for, even if it’s not me.